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Creative applications of resin wood tables.

Tempus Fugit Wood & Resin Table

From the living room to the garden, resin wood tables can bring their unique charm to different places and situations.

Discover how to creatively integrate them into your everyday life.

1. Dining Table: Resin wood dining tables can be a stunning centerpiece in your dining room. They add a touch of artistry to mealtime and can be customized to match your decor.


2. Coffee Table: A resin wood coffee table can become a conversation starter in your living room. The transparent resin allows you to showcase interesting items like seashells, stones, or decorative elements beneath the surface.


3. Desk: A resin wood desk can bring creativity to your workspace. Its aesthetic appeal can make working more enjoyable and can be a source of inspiration.


4. Console Table: Use a resin wood console table in your hallway or entryway to welcome guests with a unique design. It’s an excellent surface for displaying decorative items or for keeping your essentials as you come and go.


5. End Tables: Resin wood end tables are perfect for holding lamps, books, or drinks in your living room or bedroom. They can add an artistic touch to your interior design.


6. Outdoor Furniture: Resin wood tables can be used in gardens. Their durability and resistance to the elements make them an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.


7. Bar Countertop: Create a stunning home bar area with a resin wood tabletop. The transparent resin can be used to display your collection of spirits or other bar-related decor.


8. Kitchen Island: A resin wood kitchen island can make meal preparation more enjoyable and serve as a focal point in your kitchen. It’s both functional and beautiful.


9. Artistic Display: In addition to functional applications, resin wood tables can be used purely for artistic display. They can be a work of art in their own right, showcasing intricate designs and colors.


10. Bathroom Vanity: A resin wood bathroom vanity can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. The combination of wood and resin creates a spa-like atmosphere.


11. Bedside Tables: Resin wood bedside tables can bring a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. Their unique designs can complement your decor.


12. Children’s Play Table: Resin wood tables can be a creative addition to a children’s playroom. They can be customized with colorful elements and can withstand the wear and tear of play.


13. Restaurant and Cafe Tables: If you own or manage a restaurant or cafe, resin wood tables can be an artistic choice for your dining area. They can create a memorable atmosphere for your customers.


14. Conference Tables: In an office setting, resin wood tables can be used as impressive conference tables. They add a professional and unique touch to your meeting room.


15. Workshop Tables: For creative individuals or DIY enthusiasts, resin wood tables can be used in workshops or crafting spaces. Their durability and beauty make them ideal for this purpose.


16. Doors: Replace a traditional door with a resin wood door to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your house. 


17. Kitchen Furniture: Its unique design and durable surface make it an ideal centerpiece for the culinary space, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.


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